The Unique South Indian Filter Coffee Experience

Your keys to driving down the memory lane..
For a passionate lover of South Indian Filter Coffee, there is nothing a good homemade coffee cannot fix. Waking up to a filter coffee made of strong decoction and frothed milk mixed with sugar is an experience of it’s own. Starting the day with reading newspaper in the company of flavorful aromatic coffee is something that never gets old. Add a bit of Chill from a rainy morning covered with fog and some soothing music from your favorite composer, the entire thing becomes divine. For many of us a great tasting filter coffee is the key to driving down the memory lane.

Filter Coffee lovers in the US were missing something ..

Till now...
While there are many Coffee brands available to Indian consumers in the US, it was not as easy for consumers to produce the authentic south Indian style filter Coffee experience. For example, blends you find may not be as fresh as you like them to be, or the portion of chicory is high/low in the mix or the grind may not be as fine or coarse as you like. Also, Sometimes consumers have to settle for a mass produced blend that may or may not meet their needs. We want to try make it better by offering blends that match your “back home “ filter coffee experience.

Our Hand crafted Fresh roasted fine Filter Coffee Blends

delivered to your door
So we created coffee blends resembling characters of coffee powders that we grew up with. Great aroma, thickness, taste, color, grind all of it to provide the same satisfaction. Beans are imported from some of best coffee growing regions in the world. They are all roasted and grounded locally in the US by some of the passionate coffee roasters we know. Our Blends are then created by carefully mixing various grinds of specific characteristics and right amount of Chicory to match THAT unique south Indian filter coffee flavor.

Our goal is to create a local brand to serve you, the Filter Coffee lovers right here in the US.

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